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A Sales & Marketing Engine for Your Digital Agency

10x Profit

2x Revenue

(Remove the burden of sales and growth)

Next Level Transformation

Stagnant Growth

The whole team depending on you to drive new sales and run the compay.


Building the Business You've Dreamed of

A business that's positioned for a much higher sale value. Freedom from worry of where the next opportunity will come from.

The Rocket Clicks Story

"Kyle is an incredible leader and has helped us more than double in size and profitability."

- CEO of 7m Client Service Business

Rocket Clicks, A Digital Marketing Agency in Wisconsin, had plateaued. Both profitablity and revenue. Sales exclusively was generated by the Owner.  With no sales or marketing department, they had been stuck for 3 consecutive years at $3m in revenue.


In under 3 years, Rocket Clicks will reach $7m in revenue. Doubled in size and profitability. Kyle met an owner who was trapped, dreaming of the business he wanted to build.  By unleashing Kyle: 

  • The burden of sales was off the owner's shoulders 

  • The business was on target to achieve $1m in EBITDA

  • The business now had high quality data and processes upon which to scale

Using the same skills Kyle applies in his Chief Revenue Officer solution he:
  • Gained control of the sales and marketing data
    • From no data, to Google sheets, to Airtable, to full migration to Salesforce​
  • Built reproducible and streamlined sales processes
    • One document ready to be followed by any team member​
  • Created marketing programs that activated the target audience
    • Created 300k organic impressions to the target audience in one week​
  • Forecasted the sales and marketing pipeline
    • Close rates at each stage in the sales process​
    • From Qualifed Lead to Close data to improve operations higher and capacity planning

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