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4 Attributes of a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The attributes of a terrific fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) allow them to integrate sales and marketing programs into a cohesive revenue growth engine. The best Chief Revenue Officers share these 4 common attributes:

  1. Holistic approach to marketing and sales

  2. Have a data and forecasting methodology

  3. Have high EQs and are gifted communicators

  4. Learn and adapt quickly


Attribute #1: CROs Approach Sales and Marketing Holistically

Sales without marketing is just cold calling. Marketing without sales is just noise.

A Chief Revenue Officer understands how to facilitate linking the functions together into an revenue growth engine. They don't value one part of the equation over another, they think of them as two sides of the same coin: Revenue. And that they are meant to make the other's job easier and create positive feedback loops.

How They Grow Revenue:

  1. Alignment: On goals and strategies for optimized revenue performance.

  2. Optimize: Create efficiency and resource allocation across sales and marketing.

The Revenue Zipper: The Chief Revenue Officer harmonizes Sales and Marketing into a cohesive revenue function.

Two sides of revenue: Sales and Marketing , with critical elements of each represented as teeth, and the CRO zippering them together
The Revenue Zipper

Attribute #2: Chief Revenue Officers Have a Data Focus & a Forecasting Methodology

A high powered CRO will lead the conversation with data, and then use that data to diagnose obstructions in the funnel. This methodology is applied equally to sales and marketing. They use data to guide their focus and efforts, instead of a gut feeling. The result? More immediate and precise adjustments to revenue growth.

How They Grow Revenue:

  1. Analytical: By harnessing the power of data, they can diagnose weaknesses in the revenue zipper and make targeted improvements quickly

  2. Systematic: Having a data system that incorporates both sales and marketing gives the CRO access to insights to build targeted approaches to specific segments of the target market.

Attribute #3: Chief Revenue Officer Have High EQs and are Gifted Communicators

When a Chief Revenue Officer is an expert communicator, they foster collaboration and communication between sales, marketing, operations and your potential buyers. Internally, old silos are broken down, and trust us brokered. Marketing and Sales work together like never before. They freely share insights, ideas, and feedback. This collaboration enhances creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. This directly impacts the understanding execution of communication throughout the whole the buyer journey.

How They Grow Revenue:

  1. Inspiring: They foster a positive and energized work environment, the CRO can drive team performance and ultimately revenue growth.

  2. Communication: Those skills allow the CRO to effectively convey value propositions and build rapport with their teams that is felt by the customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Attribute #4: Chief Revenue Officers Learn and Adjust Quickly

The final attribute of a terrific CRO, is one that demonstrates the ability to learn and adjust quickly. Instead of big shifts of the wheel, set a solid heading and make minor adjustments to stay in tune with the current business landscape.

They are comfortable with experimentation, take calculated risks, and can pivot strategies when necessary to maximize revenue growth.

How They Grow Revenue:

  1. Seize Opportunities. They are experts at finding first mover advantage and capitalizing with the combined resources of Sales and Marketing.

  2. Responsive: By staying in tune with customer feedback and market insights, the CRO can tailor offerings, refine messaging, and enhance customer experiences, resulting in increased customer acquisition


The Small Business Fractional Chief Revenue Officer will be an instant asset to your leadership team. Putting a solid (and reliable) grip on the revenue component of your business. Instead of all the ideas having to come from the leader, and poor implementation and accountability. Their unique gifts will give your ideas life, and be followed all the way to execution. Still curious? Learn more about Fractional Chief Revenue Officers.


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