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Are You Overcharging for Dessert? Level Up Your Customer's Experience

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

If you are in a Leader in service based business read on to improve your customer's experience. Success in your world is directly related to your customer's experience. You must craft that experience. And no one has mastered customer experience like Disney. And they charge a fraction less than what their worth, and subtly improve that customer experience.

I recently went to Disney for the first time ever. And, yes, it was magical🎇. Flying back I tried to identify a tangible detail that created the magic I felt. I found one that I had to share...and it was the price of dessert.

Listen, I'm going to be honest, Disney is expensive.🤑💸

After a long day of play, my credit card was worn out.

I was worn out, my kids were worn out, and my Mother-in-Law was worn out.

My Mother-in-Law needed dessert, and it was up to me the good son-in-law to go and find it. 🎯

Lo and behold, just downstairs in the hotel dining area (and the only real option available to me at 7pm at night) was an incredible selection of desserts. They looked gourmet. They looked like $14 steakhouse desserts. You know the kind I'm talking about, gold dust and a single raspberry on top.

There were no prices on these desserts. I groaned, and my credit card whimpered. 😢

I went to ring up the desserts for the family. I come to find out that those desserts were about $4 each. NOT $14!

🤯I was shocked. I was happy. I was ready to pay $14 per dessert. But I didn't have to, it was like the greatest thing ever. It was magic. It's the part of the trip I keep telling most people about. As I think it through, it was

clearly an intentional decision by Disney.

Disney could have priced those desserts in line with their quality and everything else we know about Disney. Frankly, at that moment I would have paid those high prices to get those desserts. And I wouldn't be writing this post. Instead...that little detail kind of made my day. I felt like I scored! It left a darn good taste in my mouth. 😋

Are you intentional about the feeling you are leaving your clients after a transaction or experience with you? Do you think through what your client needs from you even to the very last interaction? Are you leaving them better than they were before even if you leave some $$ on the table - because it's better for them?

I'll be doing everything in my power from now on to avoid overcharging for dessert.

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