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Is Your Leadership Team Fighting You? Or Fighting FOR You?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Are the people in your leadership room fighting YOU👊? or fighting *FOR* you 🥇? If you put boxing gloves 🥊 on for a leadership meeting, there's a better way! It takes 2 tough conversations.

The first conversation you need to have is with yourself. You've got one tough question to ask.

What percentage of this battle, am I responsible for creating?

❌Not "Am I responsible?" You own a piece of the "pie chart of responsibility", the question big a piece of the pie?

Once you've, identified the portion you're responsible for...

✔ Find a terrific coach (or a mirror)

✔ Address/Work on the behavior limiting your influence

✔ Watch the room start to change

Do this first...and...then you might need to have conversation #2.

Your piece "responsibility pie" isn't always the biggest. There's at least 1 other person who is facilitating in making an unhealthy dynamic. Take a page out of GiANT Leadership program and check for the broccoli in your teeth before you go any further.

Having that conversation is tough too. It's going to go one of 2 ways. They take the feedback and grow 🎉 or they need to leave their seat 👋.

Having experienced both of those conversations (internal and external). Seen people grow and some that had to leave their seats...

It's. Always. Worth. It.

1️⃣ Have both conversations. 2️⃣ Stop the battle. 3️⃣ Fight together.


Kyle Mealy

A dynamic leader, teacher, and speaker, Kyle Mealy leaps out of bed everyday to unlock the trapped potential in entrepreneurial businesses and their leaders. Wherever Kyle aims his energy, businesses and people breakthrough to their next level.


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