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Know vs. Apply - 4 Reminders to Make Your Knowledge Practical

Know vs. Apply. The depth, volume, and accessibility to world-class leadership content has never been greater. But all that knowledge without application is wasted. The journey to mastery isn't earned after 1 speech, and 1 effort. It's the repetition of effort over time.

Too many leaders I've met:

See a tactic then try to apply it one time. Get shocked it doesn't work. Then curse the tactic never to return.

I'm by no means perfect, but here's how I try to keep myself in application mode...

📖 I keep that one key nugget on my desk: Sticky Notes, Open Books, Screengrabs on another monitor

🎭 If I have an epiphany, I wrote down the scenario that I would like to see it in. Not just the nugget itself.

🚲 I lean into the uncertainty. Applying new knowledge should feel wobbly! And the urge to jump off will be high. Pedal harder.

🔁 Come back to this knowledge, multiple times. It takes many times before you’re really a master.

Want to go deeper? Read the book!

Want your community to hear it? Get Kyle for his Next Level Growth Speech.

This post is as much for me, as I hope it adds value for you.


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