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The New Small Business Power Duo: The CFO and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


In the business leadership arena, CEO, CFO, and COO are well-recognized titles. However, there's another crucial player that's reshaping leadership team dynamics - the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Unsure what a chief revenue officer is?

As a strategic partner to the CFO, the CRO's expertise in devising and executing effective marketing strategies has become crucial in driving profitability, particularly in small businesses.

A CFO and CRO in a conference room smiling and enjoying reviewing a positive growth chart

The CFO's Strategic Partner: The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Amid increasing pressures to fuel growth and profitability, CFOs are discovering an indispensable ally in the CRO. This partnership is fortified by the CRO's distinctive capabilities in:

  • Improved Revenue Forecasting: Improving the reliability of sales and marketing forecasts to empower the CFO.

  • Profit Focused Marketing: Amplifying the company's voice to a broader audience, driving engagement, and increasing market share without breaking the budget.

  • Sales Process Improvement: Streamlining the sales funnel for efficiency and effectiveness. Reducing the timeline from interest to generating revenue.

Unpacking the CRO's Responsibilities

To fully appreciate the CRO's pivotal role as a CFO's partner, we need to delve into their core responsibilities. To go deeper, read this article about the CRO’s responsibilities.

  • Synchronizing Sales and Marketing: The CRO ensures these crucial functions collaborate seamlessly to drive unified revenue growth.

  • Strategy Formulation and Execution: They develop and implement comprehensive, measurable marketing strategies linked directly to profitability.

  • Metrics and Accountability: The CRO establishes a culture of transparency and accountability by monitoring critical revenue and marketing metrics.

The CRO's Impact on Profitability

By refining the sales process, driving strategic marketing initiatives, and accelerating sales, a CRO significantly boosts an organization's bottom line. The CRO's impact is magnified when operating as a strategic partner to the CFO. Together, they:

  • Align Revenue and Financial Goals: By synchronizing revenue-generating activities with financial objectives, this partnership fuels profitable growth.

  • Facilitate Informed Decisions: Equipped with actionable insights from the CRO, a CFO can make more strategic and profitable decisions.

The Fractional CRO: Empowering Small Businesses

The Small Business Fractional CRO is specifically engineered to serve business under $15m in revenue. These businesses are usually unable to bear the cost of a full-time and enterprise CRO. Small businesses can still leverage the strategic advantages this role offers. Our Fractional CRO service provides expert revenue leadership, focused on measurable marketing strategies and sales process enhancements that align perfectly with your CFO's financial objectives. Here’s the key attributes of a Chief Fractional Revenue Officer.


In today's competitive business environment, having a CRO can be the key differentiator between stagnation and profitable growth. The collaboration between the CRO and CFO blends strategic marketing, streamlined sales, and robust financial management, creating a powerful force for small business success.


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