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The Origin of Next Level Coaching and My Entrepreneurial Leap

Where did Next Level Coaching From?

Kyle Mealy's 10 year journey to start the business of my dreams, and solve Small Business Growth problems by bringing a Chief Fractional Revenue Officer solution to the Entrepreneurial Community.


I’ve been so inspired by the audacity of entrepreneurs. For the past 10 years, I've helped them turn vision into reality. My appreciation has only grown as I’ve spent more time in Entrepreneurial communities (like EOS & Pinnacle). I’ve been in awe of the way entrepreneurs fearlessly leap into the unknown. That special skill always felt outside of my unique ability. As I reflected on my journey and wrote my book, a new sense of clarity and #Perspective washed over me.

The Struggle Entrepreurial Companies Have to Build Scaling Sales and Marketing Systems

I've had countless conversations with business leaders of companies trying to grow. From these conversations, I've noticed a #Pattern. Despite their surface level differences, many of these businesses share common challenges, particularly in their approach to marketing and sales. It’s almost always the same core reasons. Over and over and over again…

The Intersection of my Purpose and Unique Ability

Like a song stuck in my head, the same questions kept popping up in my mind:

What is my special ability?

What’s holding me back from taking the entrepreneurial leap?

What problem do I uniquely solve?

The Next Level Formula in Action

Over time, that answer came to me: I unlock the trapped potential in individuals and organizations, so that they can achieve their biggest goals. And I wrestled with this new #Perspective and the #Pattern of ongoing struggle to profitably scale sales and marketing… That suddenly the fog lifted, and a #Path, my path, became clear

And over the past year and a half, I’ve defined my methodology and #Process. I’ve capitalized the lessons from those incredible entrepreneurs and leaders who I’ve learned from…

The Entrepreneurial Leap

I’m taking the entrepreneurial leap and changing the way small businesses solve #Marketing and #Sales. Bringing the disjointed and misunderstood efforts of Sales and Marketing together under one banner: #Revenue. I humbly introduce my new business: Next Level Coaching and a Fractional Chief Revenue Officer service engineered specifically for the Entrepreneurial community.


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