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The Next Level Formula

How to Break Through Your Personal & Business Plateaus.

Written by: Kyle Mealy

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The Next Level Formula

If any of the following resonate with you...I wrote this book for you. To help you take your approach to strategy and decision making to the Next Level.

1️⃣ You and your businesses are living a real-life groundhogs day. Going through the motions, solving the same kinds of problems to create the same kind of change. Grinding to stay in place.

2️⃣ You feel like can't get your great ideas into reality. And that people don't see the vision you have.

3️⃣ You see other leaders have incredible strategy and insights and not felt like you had the same creativity or ability to turn thoughts into reality.


This book was written for you.  At its best, this book is a transfusion of energy into you and your business.  If we meet, or you see me speak, you’ll instantly be able to tell that one of my unique gifts was a depth of passion, an overabundance of enthusiasm, and a near infinite reserve of ENERGY. 


I invite you, I implore you, frankly I beg you to steal my excitement and enthusiasm. Take my concepts, frameworks and ideas and use them.  They’ll work for you like they’ve worked for me and the leaders and business I’ve impacted.

About the Author: Kyle Mealy

Small Business Expert | Leader | Husband & Father

Kyle Mealy is a dynamic leader, teacher, and speaker who has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs unlock their true potential. With years of experience as a trusted executive to numerous successful businesses, Kyle has gained a wealth of knowledge that he leverages to help entrepreneurs turn their vision into a reality.

Kyle's infectious passion, disarming humor, and gifted storytelling have captivated audiences of thousands, moving them to take action and unlock their own potential. It was only natural for Kyle to translate his speaking skills into a book that lays out his methodology for helping businesses and their leaders unlock their strategy and reach the next level. Drawing on his years of experience working with successful entrepreneurs, Kyle's book provides practical lessons and methodologies that he has used to improve profits by 10x in multiple organizations, with average top-line growth of 35%.

Kyle Mealy and Family

Through his unique approach to leadership, Kyle has helped entrepreneurs achieve their goals in a wide variety of industries and niches. By investing in Kyle, they have gained access to his broad skill set in marketing, sales, leadership development, process development, and more. As a result, Kyle's book is the culmination of his journey and the realization of his desire to use his knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. It is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their potential and take their business to the next level.

When not working with business leaders, Kyle loves to cook, spend time in the yard, and teach karate to his little family. His family includes his best friend and wife Hollie, and their 2 kids Violet and Robbie.

Want Help Getting to the Next Level?

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