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A Martial Arts Business that Empowers You

10x Profit

2x Revenue

Own a lifestyle not a job

Next Level Transformation

Owning a Martial Arts Job:

Paying yourself less than $90,000 a year and working 60 hours a week


Owning a Martial Arts Lifestyle:

A stable income stream of about $200,000 a year and working the hours you choose.

The Karate America Story

"Kyle is an incredible leader and has helped us more than double in size and profitability."

- CEO of 7m Client Service Business

With Next Level Coach's support, Karate America (A Martial Arts School in Brookfield, WI), was able to make a significant impact on the business. When he first started, the school was breaking even with an annual revenue just north of $500k. The owner’s income wasn’t more than a fast casual restaurant manager and was working 60 hours a week.


In under 3 years, Karate America had grown to a 1 million in revenue.  Profit increased from hundreds of dollars per month to tens of thousands of dollars per month. One of Kyle’s proudest accomplishments was helping the owner, his mentor, and a lifetime martial arts school owner transition from owning a job, to owning a lifestyle.

Now What:

Since leaving Karate America, Kyle has gone on to repeat this success with a digital marketing agency. Taking that business from 3 million in revenue to 7 million in just under 3 years.  


One of the secrets of that growth? Business operating systems. Kyle has become a master at understanding how each piece of a business works together. 


He is now capitalizing on all his learnings and sharing with businesses who are generating revenues between 500k and 5m.  If you are a client service business with a recurring revenue business model, Kyle can take you the next level.

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