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The Gift of Perspective

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Perspective. It's a gift 🎁. Yesterday, I'd give myself a 5 (out of 10) as an Executive and a Leader. Not my best effort. I was holding onto that 5 until I stepped through my front door. Where I was greeted by my two wonderful kiddos (ages 2 and 5).

Their perspective is obvious: Dad home = Everything is even better. The screams of "DADA!" and the sound of their feet running at their top speed to see me confirmed that story in my head. I don't view work as a job, I view my work has being a Father, A Husband, and a Leader. And everyday I work hard to be my best version of each.

The perspective of my children was a gift. Instantly, it was easy to shift perspective and let go of my 5. The only number that mattered now? Earning a 10 as Dad. And based on the water that escaped the bathtub 🛁 and the giggles that followed - I nailed it. Now obviously it's not always easy to carry this perspective with us. Look at my little boy in the picture. So I'm not just sharing this lesson for you, but it's a reminder for me. That he is learning from my behavior too. Your team is watching you!

There are obvious gifts of perspective (like seeing your kids).

But there are less obvious ones that are incredibly potent too! And you don't need to go home to find them, they're even there while at work ;)

Yesterday, I can see now, that I had plenty of opportunities to accept the gifts of perspective and shift. But, I was too focused on my 5 to see them.

There's a gift waiting for you, please don't lose a day like me to accept it! If you're struggling to achieve your Next Level, learn how to actively discover perspective in my book: The Next Level Growth Formula.


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