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Ready for the
Next Level?

Has your profit reached a plateau?

Want to increase your business valuation?

Take your business to the Next Level


I'm Kyle Mealy, founder at the Next Level Coaching.

If the profit in your $1m-$10m revenue client service & recurring revenue business has plateaued...I'll help you and your business get to the Next Level. Let's Talk.

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Healthy Business Growth

Past Results from Next Level Coaching

Revenue Growth in First 3 Years

Next Level coaching has 100% success rate in doubling top line revenue in 3 years or less



Average First Year Growth Rate

Revenue growth follows courageous leaders who are ready to for something different


Profit Increase in Multiple Businesses

Has your business grown, but your profit hasn't? It's time to scale profitably.

Chief Revenue Officer

Fractional executive sales and marketing leadership to grow revenue and profits in a healthy way.

Business Coaching & Chief Operating Officer

Install and operate a custom business operating system to successfully scale and increase the valuation of your business.

Current Cover of Kyle Mealy's Book: The Next Level Formula

A Proven Methodology

Break through your personal & business plateaus with the help of someone who has been there and done it. With a 4 step strategic decision making framework

Starts with a Phone Call

What you can expect after you start a conversation.

1:1 with CEO

An honest, sales free, and confidential conversation at no cost.

Meet the Team

Deep Dive meeting with your leadership team.

Road Map

Get tangible details, timelines, and concrete next steps you know what success looks like!

Main Contact

"Kyle is an incredible leader and has helped us more than double in size and profitability. " - CEO

p: 608-220-9484

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